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Four Things You Need To Eat In Sicily

Head south – and bring your stretchy pants.


Sicily is known for many things: hot weather, tanned men, the Mafia, but let’s honest, the real reason people (me) go there is for the food, right?. Before I even touched down in Catania, I had planned my eating schedule, in a truly selfless act so that I could write this here article about the four things you need to eat in Sicily. My pants may be tighter for it, but I am one happy little piggy who is still dreaming about the daily sweet treats. Read More

Where To Find The Best Pizza In Naples

And no, it’s not “everywhere”.


I don’t know about you, but when I travel sometimes I fall so deep into the Google/ blog/ Insta vortex looking for “the best” of something that I come out the other end needing a nap… or a hug… ot sometimes both. And then I still don’t have any idea where to eat, and I’m so exhausted that I just eat a packet of Doritos for dinner. Read More