Ciao Amica best Glossier products

The Only Glossier Products You Need To Care About

The best Glossier products, rated by us.

As a Beauty Ed I get asked what the best Glossier products are all.the.time. But, here’s the thing: up until a week ago, I had never seen a Glossier product IN.REAL.LIFE.  Travesty, I know.  But they don’t ship to Oz (whyyyy are we always the poor cousins?) and I’ve had no fixed address for the last year so at least there’s a decent explanation for this oversight.

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The One Serum Every Beauty Editor Owns

And why you need it in your life.


I’m not one for grand, sweeping statements. Actually, that’s an outright lie – over exaggerated enthusiasm is totally my thing. I mean, everything better when it’s “THE BEST” or “AMAZING”, or said with wild, OTT hand gestures – right?  Also, I’m half Italian so it’s my birthright to be dramatic. Allora!
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You Don’t Know Clean Until You’ve Been Hammamed

There really is a right way to wash yourself.


I’ve been cleaning myself for 37 years now and I always thought I was quite good at it. I love a bath, I own a few fancy body washes and sometimes I even dry brush (Ha! As if!  no one actually dry brushes, that’s just something beauty editors always say to do. Who has time for that craziness?)

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Where To Find The Best Pizza In Naples

And no, it’s not “everywhere”.


I don’t know about you, but when I travel sometimes I fall so deep into the Google/ blog/ Insta vortex looking for “the best” of something that I come out the other end needing a nap… or a hug… ot sometimes both. And then I still don’t have any idea where to eat, and I’m so exhausted that I just eat a packet of Doritos for dinner. Read More

Hey India, where are your tampons?

Yes, this is a post about sanitary products.


So, yeah this isn’t the most glamorous topic, but it’s a sucky reality for us girls so I’m going to talk about it anyway. And, as much as I’d like to travel period-free, skipping along the beach in white jean shorts and laughing joyously with friends, sometimes that just ain’t the reality. Read More