The Genius Trick For Painting Your Non-Dominant Hand

It’s easier than you think.


As a Beauty Editor you learn many things: How to have the confidence to walk into an event where you know no one (and not cry); how to chase down an arancini ball from across the other side of room and make it yours and how to walk down stairs without spilling your champagne. You also learn a thing or two about makeup application.

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Ciao Amica best Glossier products

The Only Glossier Products You Need To Care About

The best Glossier products, rated by us.

As a Beauty Ed I get asked what the best Glossier products are all.the.time. But, here’s the thing: up until a week ago, I had never seen a Glossier product IN.REAL.LIFE.  Travesty, I know.  But they don’t ship to Oz (whyyyy are we always the poor cousins?) and I’ve had no fixed address for the last year so at least there’s a decent explanation for this oversight.

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The One Serum Every Beauty Editor Owns

And why you need it in your life.


I’m not one for grand, sweeping statements. Actually, that’s an outright lie – over exaggerated enthusiasm is totally my thing. I mean, everything better when it’s “THE BEST” or “AMAZING”, or said with wild, OTT hand gestures – right?  Also, I’m half Italian so it’s my birthright to be dramatic. Allora!
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