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The $8 Hair Tie That Will Change Your Life

No kinks. No pulling. No lie.



This is a post about a humble hair tie. She’s not a pretty one, she definitely wasn’t class captain or homecoming queen but she is, and always will be a star in my eyes. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking ‘what brand of crazy gets so excited about a hair tie’, right? And also, ‘how could an $8 hair tie change your life when it’s essentially a bit of elastic?’ Well it can, and it will.


I’ve never been the kind of girl to keep beauty secrets. If someone says they love my lip colour, I don’t just tell them where it’s from, I draw a map, call the store and damn near go and buy it for them. So you can imagine what I’m like when I find a product I really like. I get just a bit excited. Some would say evangelical, others maybe ‘cult-leaderish’. Either way, it means it’s really worth it. Which is WHY YOU NEED TO GET AMONGST THIS HAIR TIE. AND WHY I’M USING CAPS FOR EXCITED EMPHASIS.


The hair tie in question is the invisibobble. Yes, she doesn’t seem like much. Maybe a little ugly, definitely reminiscent of an ‘80s phone cords (remember them? phones with cords? how quaint) but it’s what she does that’s magic. You know how every time you whip your hair up to go to the gym/ go for a run/ get shit done, you let you hair down after and it has these big ugly kinks? This.does.not.kink. For reals. And I know this, because I have the kind of sweet limpy hair that gets kinks if I tuck it behind my ears. Nowdays I sleep with my hair in a top knot to try and coax some volume into it, and even after a night of powerful dream thrashing, I take it down and all I have is bouncy volume and a slight wave from the bun. No kinks.


Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why. I prefer to just think of it as the little bit of heavenly magic gifted upon us by the fairy hair gods. They owe us some favours after the last few seasons of lavender wash-out colour anyway.


I know there may be some non-believers. One of my most beloved cynical workmates was one. She laughed outright when she saw me wear this (very unchic, but still heavenly) hair tie. Until I converted her, and half the office, naturally. If you can get past the looks, then give them a try (stockists are here) and let me know how they go because if there’s one thing a crazy cult leader loves, it’s more converts.


An $8 hair tie that will change your life. Or at least your hair game. Yes, I really did just write a post about that. And it wasn’t sponsored, I’m just really into it. I definitely need to get out more.



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